Perspective Media Group

Services Overview

Launched in 2001, Perspective Media Group is the premier strategic digital media consulting company helping media and entertainment clients see immediate benefits enabled through supply chain and workflow optimization.

We provide services to help your organization reduce risk and identify the greatest potential benefits enabled by changes in your workflow, technology deployments and underlying information and integration architectures.

Our services range from strategic media lifecycle planning and operational optimization to implementation and deployment of contemporary underlying software architectures and integrated and targeted solutions. 

We help you redesign your media supply chain to provide for cost-efficient, demand-based multi-platform, multi-market content monetization and deploy solutions to take advantage of them.

We also help your organization select, integrate and deploy the right underlying technology architecture and solutions to help enable optimization. Examples include next generation file-based distributed media servicing, media management technology, multi-platform traffic and scheduling, contract rights management and the required distributed, hybrid cloud based, information and infrastructure architecture changes to support the evolving distributed file-based, IP world.

Through our analyst practice we uniquely track market movements and vendor maturity, areas that directly impact and benefit our clients.  Our market research services and reports track and analyze market trends, vendor offerings and technology enablers.