Perspective Media Group

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection Support

Perspective Media Group helps clients define requirements, identify candidate vendors, develop and evaluate vendor responses in partnership with you.  We leverage our deep industry research and our extensive RFP framework to quickly develop and deliver RFIs and RFPs.  This includes:
-   Requirements Definition
-   Development of Operational Scenarios
-   Candidate Vendor Identification
-   RFP Development and Vendor Review

Candidate Vendor Identification, RFP/RFI Generation & Vendor Selection

In today’s fast moving media marketplace we do not have years to select products and deploy solutions. We must be agile and open. Our choices must solve the immediate problem at hand while ensuring the solution fits within our overall media supply chain and integration architecture. We must also ensure we are able to leverage information and media across applications and across the media supply chain.
In order to identify candidate solutions and select the right vendors we must outline the required operational scenarios to be supporteded, identify the needed functional and technical capabilities, identify integration points to other applications and understand how the solution intersects with the organization’s larger technology strategy and infrastructure.   Perspective Media Group can work with your organization to complete these tasks and then quickly create an RFI and/or RFP and identify candidate vendors to ensure the appropriate level of understanding of the vendor solutions and services. 
We jumpstart the process by leveraging operational, functional and technology frameworks and matrices that are part of Perspective Media Group's foundational IP. Example areas where we have existing RFP frameworks include Media Asset Management, Rights Management, Next Generation Network Origination, Cross Platform Resource Scheduling and Traffic to name a few.  We help you identify and target vendors that offer the right products and services and aid in evaluating the responses based upon a set of appropriate criteria for your initiative.
Also, using industry standard approaches to outline key requirements, including scenarios and interaction diagrams as well as UML object models when needed, we detail requirements in areas where a deep understanding of a vendor's support is essential. 
Perspective Media Group can help you more clearly articulate your vendor requirements while also reducing the scope of the vendor landscape.  We help you ensure the solutions being considered meet your needs, your budget and you timeline while also integrating into your existing ecosystem.