Perspective Media Group

Strategic Roadmap Development

Whether you are a content owner looking to manage and optimally monetize media throughout its life, or a distributor or media services organization looking to optimize the media supply chain, we work with you to articulate your strategic business and operational objectives and detail how to achieve them.

Once articulated, achieving your objectives requires an actionable plan. Part of that plan is defined through the development of to a strategic roadmap with all its activities and their interrelationships supporting business, operational and technology requirements.   

Roadmap activities are defined based upon needed business and operational capabilities.  We articulate these capabilities with you during strategic planning sessions.  We use the outlined capabilities along with the state of your organization, the state of the industry and your risk profile to outline activities that deliver solutions and technology, placing them all on the Roadmap.

Developing your strategic roadmap includes outlining tactical activities that deliver near-term benefit as well as a mid and long-term strategic deliverables that align with our strategic objectives. It includes consideration of optimized operational workflow possible today and into the future, appropriate and available technology solutions, content, metadata and information integration requirements and architectures as well as contemporary IP and IT technology integration.  Paramount also is consideration for organizational change management and governance including need skills and evolving roles.

Using our unique and proven approach, we develop this strategic and actionable roadmap with you, providing you with a plan and an ongoing tool that can help ensure you can realize near and long-term benefits as you go.   Typical results of an enterprise level strategic engagement include both operational and technology roadmaps and an adoption strategy spanning a three to five year timeline pointing towards an optimized supply chain with improved productivity and cost savings.

Media Lifecycle Strategic Studies

Media Lifecycle Planning and strategic studies include consideration for the overall media supply chain, media management and content strategy.  They are comprised of short working sessions with small groups of hands-on staff and decision-makers. Highly interactive, the strategy sessions elaborate upon your media's life-cycle, supply chain workflow and media management needs. These are used by organizations to determine future media workflow and digital media solutions. Through these short sessions we target one or two areas where multi-platform supply chain optimization, media management and distribution, information integration and content monetization solutions (to name a few) can provide the greatest near term benefit within your organization.  This information also feeds larger operational and technology strategic roadmaps.

Media Management Strategic Studies

Our Media Management Strategic Study is undertaken with your key staff as we assess and plan how media management, as part of a larger media lifecycle and its optimization, can be best applied throughout your organization.

Our proven approach takes into account the many interrelated layers touched in the media life-cycle as well as the diverse types of media. We consider the business needs and workflow, tools and pain points surrounding production, distribution and publishing, software, hardware and systems infrastructure within your organization as well as your multi-year planned corporate capital expenditures and organizations risk aversion. Through these, and with you, we derive the most appropriate media management strategy and goals. The final product of our Strategic Study is a media management roadmap and adoption strategy spanning a three to five year timeline pointing towards improved productivity and cost savings. 
This information also feeds larger operational and technology strategic roadmaps.

Return on Investment Models

The Perspective Media Group can generate an ROI model for a targeted area within your organization as an added component to either a targeted Needs Assessment or a Strategic Study. The resulting model provides a template for your organization to demonstrate and explore ROI scenarios in defined business areas. The models address all the applicable layers used in our proven methodology including staff, capital costs, distribution costs, infrastructure requirements, software, hardware and workflow dependencies against the targeted media management areas, to name a few.