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Media Asset Management

Media Management Studies & Deployments

Our Media Management Strategic Study is undertaken with your key staff as we assess and plan how media management, as part of a larger media lifecycle and its optimization, can be best applied throughout your organization.

Our proven approach takes into account the many interrelated layers touched in the media life-cycle as well as the diverse types of media. We consider the business needs and workflow, tools and pain points surrounding production, distribution and publishing, software, hardware and systems infrastructure within your organization as well as your multi-year planned corporate capital expenditures and organizations risk aversion. Through these, and with you, we derive the most appropriate media management strategy and goals. The final product of our Strategic Study is a media management roadmap and adoption strategy spanning a three to five year timeline pointing towards improved productivity and cost savings. 
This information also feeds larger operational and technology strategic roadmaps.

Media Management Seminar

This course is targeted at individuals and stakeholders that create, use, manipulate and distribute media within your organization and would potentially use or benefit from media management solutions. Engineering and IT staff responsible for managing and deploying such systems are also appropriate.
Participants will gain a strong understanding of the state of the media management industry, the suppliers, the business areas where media management solutions have been successfully deployed as well as how to approach selecting and moving forward with media management projects.

Media Asset Management Requirements

Working with your staff we outline your media management requirements as the initial step to considering vendor options.  Wherever your needs are within the Media Supply Chain, Perspective Media Group can help you effectively integrate media management workflow and solutions into your environment.

Media Asset Management Vendor Selection

Perspective Media Group leverages its extensive experience and RFP and RFI frameworks to help our clients quickly and affectively make the right choices around Media Asset Management vendors and services.  

We jumpstart the process by leveraging operational, functional and technology RFP frameworks and matrices that are part of Perspective Media Group's foundational IP. We help you identify and target vendors that offer the right products and services and aid in evaluating the responses based upon a set of appropriate criteria for your initiative, saving you significant time and money while reducing overall MAM adoption risk.