Perspective Media Group

Information Integration

Information Integration Challenge: to Fully Exploit and Monetize our Media Products

M&E is a small industry with many specialized point solutions employed across the media supply chain to solve different problems. Within each point solution an information model exists, be it for production, traffic and scheduling, ad sales, rights, MAM, distribution and automation to consumer discovery systems and recommendations engines.


Some of Our Information Integration Services include:

-   Federated Media Asset Model Design
-   Identity Management and Discovery
-   Rights Model integration
-   Multi-platform Schedule & Traffic Model definition and integration
-   Ontology, RDF & Semantic Models of domains
-   Rich Search
-   Analytics
-   Governance

Information Integration and Domain Modeling

Beyond operational analysis requirements and information integration, broader Ontology and Taxonomy development defines a common understanding of domain models leveraged across an organization. Perspective Media Group can help you develop and deploy these models. Whenever possible, we leverage industry adopted standards and extend them with you to meet your needs across domains.