Perspective Media Group

Specialty Seminars and Training

Perspective Media Group has developed a series of short, specialized seminars on different areas of the media supply chain. Each seminar provides an overview of a critical business, operational or technology area.  Examples include operational optimization in a file-based world or next generation solutions and architectures for global media distribution, multi-platform scheduling and traffic.  Information Integration is another example, driving towards both fully exploiting audience information and improving engagement and analytics. A few of the seminars are summarized below.

File-Based Adoption and Media Management

This course is targeted at individuals and stakeholders that create, use, manipulate and distribute media within your organization and would potentially use or benefit from media management solutions. Engineering and IT staff responsible for managing and deploying such systems are also appropriate.
Participants will gain a strong understanding of the state of the media management industry, the suppliers, the business areas where media management solutions have been successfully deployed as well as how to approach selecting and moving forward with media management projects.
·       This one-day course is divided into seven major segments:
·       One outlines terminology for common semantics throughout the course.
·       Two explores the challenges, goals and business drivers that have organizations considering media management technology and solutions.
·       Three provides a framework for discussing media management requirements based upon business expectations, market segmentation, workflow, infrastructure and technology across media's life.
·       Four examines media management offerings applied against the framework, including interdependencies between workflow and systems. In this segment we explore the challenges of both the buyers and the suppliers in mapping the business needs, workflow and technology against risks and rewards.
·       Five looks at the lessons learned to date and provides an outline of an approach for moving forward defining media management projects and an overall organizational strategy surrounding media management.
·       Six reviews a series of case studies providing insight into successes and failures of media management applications.
·       We end with an interactive discussion outlining areas within your organization that may benefit from media management solutions.

Information Integration and Domain Modeling towards Analytics

Metadata, Information, Integrated Media Supply Chain, Discovery and Analytics: these are all critical components as we look at fully exploiting our media assets and fully leveraging our engagement with Audiences.  This seminar outlines the opportunities of Supply Chain information integration and breaks down the core business areas and supporting domain models.  Participants will walk away with an understanding of the different domains, the potentials for integration across the domains and what is required to complete integrations from both a Modeling perspective (ontologies, taxonomies, UML), practical information integration approaches and industry evolving standards.

Operational Requirements Analysis Definition using UML

Operational groups must effectively describe requirements to engineering organizations.  No longer can engineering both understand and fully define the requirements of operations – especially in a quickly and dramatically changing business and consumer landscape.  Operations needs to be able to quickly, effectively and at the appropriate level outline the requirements of both point solutions and larger integrated components to Engineering organizations – addressing software, traditional systems and integration frameworks including shared information.
This course trains operational staff on the UML, the Unified Modeling Language, for capturing Operational Requirements at the appropriate level for Engineering to then move forward with a design.  While UML is an extensive methodology, Perspective Media Group has carved out the components appropriate both from a level of depth and an appropriate level of expression for use by operational groups and Analysts alike.   This includes Use Cases, Scenarios, interaction Diagrams, Object/Domain Modeling and an option for description of a conceptual architecture and framework for communications between Operations, Engineering and third parties alike.

Ontology Development and Domain Modeling supporting Information Integration

Beyond operational requirements analysis and information integration, broader Ontology and Taxonomy development defines a common understanding of domain models leveraged across an organization.  Where possible, we leverage industry adopted standards and extend them with you to meet your needs across domains.  This seminar discusses the industry standards and requirements around development of a cross supply chain set of domain models and ontologies.

Customized Training

Perspective Media Group can work with you to develop specialized courses to meet the need of your organization and it has specific operational and technology needs.  An example might be to take the Operational Analysis Requirements seminar and specialize it for your Operations and Engineering department based upon your overarching business and operational strategy and underlying technology framework and architecture.