Perspective Media Group


Janet Gardner

Janet Gardner is President of Perspective Media Group (PMG), an industry-leading consulting team that works with major media companies on evolving their workflow, media management, metadata integration and their internal media supply chains to better meet the challenges of the digital and multi-platform on-demand media landscape.

The core of Janet's focus is helping companies put the right capabilities (people, workflows, metadata and information models, systems and technical infrastructure) in place so they can more fully exploit their assets, and the related metadata, across distribution platforms. Doing so helps drive efficiencies throughout a company’s internal supply chain and amplifies new revenue and marketing opportunities. This includes evolving their internal planning process to consider multiplatform exploitation at the same time as on-air planning and rights deals are crafted.
Janet and Perspective Media Group have worked in this capacity with companies such as Fox, BBC, ABC/Disney, Turner, Scripps, A&E, Shaw Media and others.
Janet received her Master of Science from MIT and BArch from Ball State University.

Suzanne Donino

A founding partner in the Perspective Media Group, Suzanne Donino has more than three decades experience in the broadcast and advertising industries most recently as Senior Vice President of Network Operations for Turner Networks. In her founding role, Suzanne helps interconnect business owners, technology and workflow in addressing media management challenges, strategies and opportunities.

Suzanne spearheads the Perspective Forum, an annual by-invitation-only Executive forum that brings together entertainment and vendor executives to discuss operational issues and challenges. Suzanne conceptualized Perspective in 1996 as a venue for industry partners and vendors to identify and explore issues in a noncompetitive environment. She received the distinguished SMPTE Fellowship honor for her efforts in this area and remains a very active participant in the organization.